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/// FRUKU designs instruments that offer fresh sounds and functionalities. Purposely made for musicians, synth lovers and tinkerers.


Front panel of the Fruku Carve 8HP Eurorack module

/// FRUKU devices come in 3 options

Built & Tested

The timesaver option, simply place your order and receive your device. Plug and play!

Full DIY Kit

The option for tinkerers, place your order and receive a package with all the parts you need to build your device!

PCB & Panel

The option for the whizzkid, choose this option if you know your way around a BOM and you know how to source parts!

/// Eurorack Modules

Listen to a demo

Dusu /// Analogue Oscillator

Double trouble!

Dusu is a voltage controlled oscillator with two sub-oscillators. It features a saw and a square wave. The latter has a pulse width modulation parameter and CV input. You can blend between both waveforms. The two sub-oscillators both have a volume parameter.

Carve /// Analogue Multimode Filter

Carve it out!

Carve is an analogue multimode filter based on the well known MS-20 (René Schmitz) design. It features a blend control between the low pass and high pass output. With full resonance, this filter can also be used as an oscillator (tracking 1V/Oct across four octaves).

/// Check out the free resources!

We believe that sharing great things can only create more great things. Various Fruku instrument schematics are open source, so you can learn what makes them tick.

Download the schematics today and get started!